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GEZE supports preventive fire protection in the Robert Bosch Hospital

The atrium' of the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, which opened in 2014, connects the treatment, training and research areas. GEZE door closers and fire protection doors are helping to meet the hospital's stringent accessibility, convenience and preventive fire protection needs.

Preventive fire protection with high everyday functionality

Glazed double-leaf door in clinic inner area

Daily accessibility, reliable fire safety in the event of danger © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

The atrium extension is linked to the main hospital building by wide passageways with large fire closer doors. These are intended to guarantee accessibility in the everyday life of the clinic, but self-close with a manual door solution in the event of a fire.

These complex demands were fulfilled by using the new GEZE door closers from its free swing range. Thanks to the free swing function, which is activated by opening the door against the spring, the doors can be opened and closed with only minimal effort. This makes the doors easy to navigate for people with limited mobility, and can also be comfortably used for transporting beds and with high numbers of visitors.

Thanks to the free swing function, in daily use, the doors act as though there were no door closers - yet they still close reliably and safely in the event of a fire. The closing force of the door closers can be adjusted up to size EN 6.

Adaptable: the new range of GEZE guide rails

Hospital staff passing through a double-leaf door

Free swing door closer systems by GEZE –bringing convenience and safety to daily hospital life © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

The new improved range of guide rails with integrated closing sequence control for double-leaf doors now means that hold-open systems can also be planned even more simply and flexibly.

Three new guide rail versions enable GEZE hold-open systems to be adapted to virtually any installation.

GEZE free swing door closer as a fire protection door

  • TS 5000 R-ISM/S-guide rail with smoke switch control unit for recognising smoke, and integrated closing sequence control that closes both door leaves safely in the event of a fire.
  • Active leaf: TS 5000 free swing door closer with comfort hold-open function and integrated lintel fire detector which triggers the closing of the door in the event of a fire.
  • Passive leaf: Self-closing via the door closer; can be held open as an optional leaf via the integrated electric hold-open function in the guide rail.

Free swing function plus comfort hold-open function

Hospital bed passing through an accessible fire protection door

Fire safety and emergency exit doors with accessible user convenience © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

The combination of the free swing function with the new comfort hold-open function by GEZE provides special benefits for the double-leaf door system. In normal operation, the active leaf can be locked at the end of the free swing area, or constantly kept open. This standard function prevents any unwanted shutting – if there is a draught for instance – and also stops the doors becoming stuck in a half-open position. The comfort hold-open function is retrofittable to existing TS 5000 free swing door closers. Preventive fire protection is not affected by this - even in locked mode, the fire protection door closes securely from any open position in the event of an alarm.

A combined fire protection door and emergency exit

Since only low force is needed to operate it, the 2-leaf fire closer door can also be used as an emergency exit using either door leaf in the direction of escape. In the event of danger, the door leaves can be opened completely as the hold-open position can be overridden. The integrated closing sequence control ensures that both door leaves close again without fail – for instance once people who are escaping have passed through them – so that the door can once again fulfil its function as a fire section door.

GEZE Boxer door closer meets the most stringent demands

Close-up of the Boxer E-ISM-EFS free swing door closer

The integrated E-ISM EFS free swing door closer from the GEZE Boxer series © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

The prestigious areas of the atrium present the same complex accessibility, convenience and fire safety needs as the access doors. The solution here involves free swing door closers from the GEZE Boxer series, which are integrated invisibly into the door. For example, Boxer E-ISM EFS free swing door closer systems with comfort hold-open function are integrated into the double-leaf connecting doors in the corridors, on the active leaf, and a covered guide rail with integrated closing sequence control was also installed. The Boxer EFS free swing door closer on the active leaf, and Boxer standard door closer on the passive leaf, have been completely embedded in the door leaf, which supports the prestigious appearance of the contemporary doors.

GEZE products in the Robert Bosch Hospital

  • GEZE free swing door closer systems
  • Boxer E-ISM EFS free swing door closer systems
  • Boxer EFS free swing door closer