Case studies

GEZE on board the AIDAdiva: State-of-the-art door systems for the luxury ship

As the first AIDA Cruises club ship, the AIDAdiva combines state-of-the-art technology and convenient equipment on the high seas. GEZE supplied tailor-made door and security solutions which underpin the AIDAdiva's high standards of comfort, functionality and safety.

Door convenience on the high seas

AIDA Cruises launched the AIDAdiva on 20 April 2007 amid spectacular celebrations. The first of four club ships from the internationally renowned cruise company is characterised by, amongst other things, the high number of outdoor cabins with their own balcony, and the state-of-the-art stage and entertainment technology on board. GEZE is supporting comfort on the high seas with tailor-made door and sliding wall systems.

Functional door closers - perfect for every environment

Comfortable, accessible and secure: Sliding door into the interior of the ship (photo: Ingrid Fiebak for GEZE GmbH)

Sliding door system on the deck of the AIDAdiva

Elegant automatic sliding doors have been installed in several areas of the ship. Sliding door systems such as the GEZE VTM 300 or the GEZE Slimdrive VTM are perfectly designed for heavily frequented areas and offer safe, accessible convenience, even when the ship is experiencing extreme motion. Various curved sliding doors and telescopic doors complement the extraordinary architectural design on board the AIDAdiva.

Other GEZE products used on the AIDAdiva fit almost invisibly into the surroundings - such as the GEZE Boxer door closer integrated completely into the door leaf, with a guide rail that can be seen only when the door is open.

Other GEZE door closers such as the TS 2000, TS 4000, TS 5000 and TS 4000 Tandem guarantee high and lasting convenience on board. Passengers come across the innovative technology when opening cabin doors and windows, in the restaurants, bars and while taking daily walks on the decks.

The AIDAdiva offers her passengers a wide variety of culinary specialities and first-class entertainment over 13 decks. Versatile door and sliding wall systems by GEZE were also required for the seven restaurants and 11 bars, in the fitness and wellness area and the casino.

Flexible surfaces thanks to manual sliding wall system

Flexible use opportunities on deck: GEZE sliding wall system (MSW) (photo: Ingrid Fiebak for GEZE GmbH)

Deck of the AIDAdiva with sliding wall system

An elliptical running manual sliding wall system (MSW) provides flexible user convenience in the pool/bar area. The glass panel sliding wall system runs round the DJ’s desk on the upper deck. This allows the entire area to be closed manually with little effort, or opened wide as required.

A dazzling curtain of sliding elements, visually reminiscent of surfboards, snakes its way around the pool bar itself. Mounted on an MSW track, the elements can be moved lightly and flexibly, while the track's corrosion protection in particular is crucial for use on the high seas.

GEZE products on the AIDAdiva

  • GEZE VTM 300 sliding door system
  • GEZE Slimdrive VTM sliding door system
  • Integrated GEZE Boxer door closers
  • GEZE TS 2000 door closer
  • GEZE TS 4000 door closer
  • GEZE TS 4000 Tandem door closer
  • GEZE TS 5000 door closers
  • Manual sliding wall systems (MSW)